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Farm-Raised Pork

Our pigs are on rotational grazing in wooded areas and grass land. We do not breed pigs anymore so we buy in piglets from local pig farmers. The pigs are fed fresh vegetables, various grains and whatever they root up along the way.

Our pork is sold by the half, whole or cuts. Half and whole pigs are $5.70/lb hanging weight (approximately 200 lbs for a whole). This price includes; raising, butchering, and processing in vacuum sealed packages. Smoking costs for bacon, ham steaks and roasts are separate as well as sausage links. With halves and wholes you get to custom order what you would like for cuts of meat. We are available to help you fill out your own cut sheet so you get what you like. Our Pork is processed by The Local Butcher, a USDA butcher in Barnstead, New Hampshire.

We also sell pork cuts by appointment on the farm, or at these select locations.

Pork Cut Sheet

When ordering a half or whole pig, start by downloading The Local Butcher's cut sheet. If you have questions, we can help you fill it out to make sure you get what you like.

Price Sheet

Beef and pork pricing, by the cut or by the half/whole