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Farm to Table Starts Here.

We are a family owned and operated first generation farm in Gilmanton, NH. We take pride in producing local quality beef and pork for local consumers to enjoy.

Benefits of Buying Local:

  • Better Flavor

    Our pasture-raised and grass-fed meats tend to be much more flavorful and higher quality than factory farmed varieties.

  • Health Benefits

    Meats purchased locally have less chance of contamination, and contain higher nutritional value. Traveling food from big grocery stores has diminished nutritional value, higher fat content, higher caloric content, and probably has quite a few hormones and food additives within it.

  • Better for the Environment

    Factory farms tend to completely destroy the environment surrounding them. Supermarket meat products can travel thousands of miles before they get to your refrigerator. Local, sustainable farms tend to maintain the farmland in your area and leave an incredibly less significant carbon footprint.

  • Supports Local Business

    When you buy our meats, you directly support our farm, and our family. A thriving local farm economy is great for our community.

Where to Find our Products

Our fresh meat products are available at select locations. Click below to find one near you.